Unitholder Update – 17/08/2018

Change of details requests 

Following payment of a 0.5 cent distribution to Unitholders on 11 July 2018, a number of Unitholders have submitted requests to update and/or change their details. Due to the current volume of these requests, please be aware that processing times have slightly extended.

If you wish to change your details that relate to your investment in the Pacific First Mortgage Fund, please complete a Change of Details Form located at www.balmaintrilogy.com.au/forms and email the completed form to investorrelations@trilogyfunds.com.au. We will endeavour to confirm receipt and process your request as soon as practicable.

Next distribution payment 

There has been no change since our last update, in that some uncertainty still exists in relation to outstanding litigation against the Fund. When these outstanding matters are finalised we intend to make further Unitholder distributions.

Further information 

The BalmainTrilogy website is your best source of information relation to the Pacific First Mortgage Fund, progress toward recovery of claims against the former Directors, and winding up the fund. We intend to provide our next update the week ending 24 August 2018 and thereafter, monthly.