Pacific First Mortgage Fund Investor Committee

BalmainTRILOGY is committed to working with Investors to rebuild value in the Pacific First Mortgage Fund. With this objective in mind, the Board has established an independently chaired Investor Committee.

The purpose of Committee is to create an investor forum where investor members can openly discuss issues relevant to the Investors and the Pacific First Mortgage Fund with the responsible entity and manager.

The Committee will be an important forum to receive communication from Investors on items for consideration and response by the Committee.  Investors are invited to forward any questions and comments to the email address noted below. Regular updates and other information will be posted to the BalmainTRILOGY web site.

Investor Committee Structure

The structure of the Investor Committee includes fifteen representatives. There are four representatives appointed by BalmainTRILOGY and ten representatives appointed by MGI Brisbane Pty Limited on behalf of Unitholders. The final member is the independent Chair namely Mr Ken Atchison of Atchison Consultants.

Member Selection Procedure

Selection of the Committee members was performed by Chartered Accountants, MGI Brisbane Pty Ltd.

MGI has selected 10 Investor Representatives from over 300 Unitholders who expressed interest. The selections were made on the basis of

  1. Ability to represent views of the broader Unitholder group,
  2. Knowledge of investment or financial matters, and
  3. Committee of Board Experience.

The initial term of these appointments is twelve months. The first meeting occured on 18 December 2009.

Introducing your Committee Chairman (Mr Ken Atchison)

Mr Ken Atchison has been appointed the independent chairman of the Investor Committee. Ken has been involved in financial markets since the early 1970s. After gaining significant experience in the management of investment portfolios, he moved to providing investment advice to superannuation funds. In the years prior to establishing Atchison Consultants in 2001, he was a senior asset consultant with the global firm Towers Perrin (now part of the Russell Group).

Ken’s experience covers a broad range of areas within investment portfolio and business management. This includes advice on the setting up of investment management businesses, the choice of in-house or outsourced investment management arrangements, the setting of investment policy and structures for investment strategy, capital market analysis and investment manager research and selection.

Introducing your Investor Committee Members

Ken Atchison (Chairman)
Graham Kells
Julian Brown
Deborah Bryzak
Peter Fardoulys
Peter Cranna
David Hunter
Faye Jenkins
Chris Shepherd

Questions for the Investor Committee Members

BalmainTRILOGY encourages participation in the Investor Committee. If you have questions or comments you would like to be raised by the Investor Committee Members at a Committee meeting, please complete the form below.

The Investor Committee Members will review these questions and comments and raise them at a subsequent Committee meeting. The Committee at its discretion will respond to any relevant questions raised.

Important Information
Please note that replies you receive from Balmain Trilogy may be sent via email. Any email may pass through non-secure channels and could therefore be viewed by an unauthorised third party. By sending us an enquiry through this page you acknowledge the risks inherent in this means of communication and authorise Balmain Trilogy to reply to your enquiry using the email address supplied by you.


PFMF Investor Committee – Meeting #15 Report
(PDF 145kb)

PFMF Investor Committee – Meeting #14 Report
(PDF 130kb)

PFMF Investor Committee – Meeting #13 Report
(PDF 392kb)

PFMF Investor Committee – Meeting #7 Report
(PDF 1.9mb)

PFMF Investor Committee – Meeting #6 Report
(PDF 1.9mb)

PFMF Investor Committee – Meeting #5 Report
(PDF 709kb)

PFMF Investor Committee – Meeting #4 Report
(PDF 713kb)

PFMF Investor Committee – Meeting #3 Report
(PDF 713kb)

PFMF Investor Committee – Meeting #2 Report
(PDF 1.9mb)

PFMF Investor Committee – Meeting #1 Report
(PDF 2.1mb)