Investor Information Sessions

28 October 2010

BalmainTRILOGY will be holding a series of Investor Information Sessions across 5 major cities to provide an opportunity for Unitholders to better understand their Fund. These sessions have been established to allow the BalmainTRILOGY team to provide an update on the current situation of the Fund and also allow Unitholders to ask questions about their investment.

The Joint CEO’s and other key executives from BalmainTRILOGY will be attending. These sessions are scheduled to last for 2 hours and will commence at 10am on the day and be followed by light refreshments. Please note that registering your interest is essential as seating is limited. These sessions are informal and are not another Unitholder Meeting requesting a vote.

Please understand the costs for these sessions are being paid directly by BalmainTRILOGY and NOT by the Pacific First Mortgage Fund.

The meeting has now passed