Repayment of the CBA finance facility

15 August 2013

Balmain Trilogy is pleased to advise that the CBA facility has now been fully repaid.

The final payment was made on 25 July 2013, following the sale of Assets 1 (Carrara) and 34 (Nerang), which settled on 19 July 2013.

Since the appointment of Trilogy Funds Management Limited as Responsible Entity and Balmain Trilogy as Investment Manager, payments of more than $91 million have been made to gradually reduce the debt owing under the Facility.

The full repayment of the debt will allow the proceeds from future asset sales to be directed toward capital repayments, which are expected to recommence toward the end of this calendar year. This is, of course, subject to the timely materialisation of our asset sale projections. We will keep Unitholders informed as to the likely timing of the first repayment.