Payment of 4c per unit and Tax Statements

21 September 2010


Balmain Trilogy are pleased to announce that a capital repayment of $35.481 million will be made to all Unitholders. This will in effect be a capital reduction of 4 cents per unit and the payment will be made in early October.

Unitholders will shortly receive a letter providing more details of the capital repayment and also their individual June 2010 Tax Statement. To facilitate payments to all Unitholders as quickly as possible, it is important to ensure that the bank accounts details we hold are correct. To assist with this, included with the letter is a Direct Credit form that has been pre-populated with each Unitholders bank account details currently held by Computershare. If the bank account details on this Direct Credit form are incorrect please write the correct details in the space provided, and ensure that all relevant signatories sign the form and return it in the reply paid envelope provided within 7 days. Unitholders are not required to do anything if the bank account details listed are correct. Please note that Computershare can only process original forms that are received and signed by all signatories to the original unit application.

If you have any questions please call the Client Services Team on 1800 194 500.


Payment to Unitholders Brought Forward and Tax Statements
– Unitholder Letter
(PDF 236kb)

Direct Credit Form
(PDF 53.7kb)