Misleading and Incorrect Information from ProtectPFMF

30 August 2011

Further to Balmain Trilogy’s (BT) announcement on 19 August 2011 ‘Unsolicited letter to Unitholders’, we have issued the following letter to all Pacific First Mortgage Fund (PFMF) Unitholders in relation to the misleading and inaccurate information stated in the unsigned letter by a person or group, referring to themselves as ProtectPFMF.

Trilogy and Balmain Trilogy refute and emphatically deny the allegations made by the hidden authors of the unsolicited letter.

Trilogy has reported the unsolicited letter and associated website to ASIC and will consider commencing proceedings against the authors of the Unsolicited Letter once their identity is established.

There is no requirement for Unitholders to take any action in relation to the material that has been issued by Protect PFMF.

Should you have enquiries, please call Balmain Trilogy Client Services on Freecall
1800 194 500 or email contact@balmaintrilogy.com.au

Please click on the below link to download a copy of BT’s letter to Unitholders