Balmain Trilogy FAQs

Q: Next Capital Payment
When all litigation matters have been finalised the Responsible Entity will review the fund’s cash position and return any further capital payments at this point. We will provide updates as soon as we are able.

Q: Unit Price
Unit Price for the Pacific First Mortgage Fund as at 30 June 2016 is $0.0201.

Q: Declining Unit Prices
As the fund is in the process of being wound up and has sold all remaining real estate assets, any available surplus funds are paid to Unitholders when they become available.

Q: Questions regarding litigation, sales, when the Fund will be wound up etc.
These issues will be addressed by way of Fund updates. These updates placed on the BalmainTrilogy website at www.balmaintrilogy.com.au or addressed in the Fund updates mailed to investors bi-annually. If you would like further information you can also contact the FM on 1800 194 500.

Q: Litigation Recovery rights
These units are currently valued at zero but will entitle you to your pro rata share in net proceeds from any successful litigation recovery action. The litigation units do not affect your rights and entitlements as a Unitholder when dealing with your ordinary units.

Q: Non-Liquid or frozen Fund
The Directors of City Pacific Limited (Former Responsible Entity) (City Pacific) resolved on 13 October 2008 that the Scheme was a non-liquid registered managed investment scheme in accordance with the Constitution and the Corporations Act 2001 (Act).

Trilogy was voted in as responsible entity (RE) in July 2009 and since this time BalmianTrilogy has been working to sell down assets of the Fund in order to repay debts and return capital to unitholders.

Q: Hardship
BalmainTrilogy have a Hardship policy in place however, as advised to unitholders in the 12 June 2013 update the Fund’s hardship programme continues to be suspended until further notice due to the Fund’s liquidity constraints. Consequently, no applications can be considered at this time and will be returned to you.

Please note that in the event the suspension is lifted all investors will be contacted and will have to re-apply within the time frame provided.

Q: Can I sell/redeem/withdraw my units?
The Pacific First Mortgage Funds is a non-liquid managed investment scheme and has been since 13 October 2008, in accordance with the Constitution and the Corporations Act 2001 (Act). As such, Unitholders are unable to redeem or withdraw their units, however it is possible to transfer units to another individual or entity upon request.

When is the next Update?
BalmainTrilogy endeavour to update Investors in a timely manner regarding capital payments and any new information surrounding the fund. The most recent information can be seen at www.balmaintrilogy.com.au/default.aspx

Further to this, on a bi-annual basis an asset update will be distributed. If you have any further questions please contact the FM.

When will the R.E. hold an all investor meeting?
Please note the Executives of BalmainTrilogy meet regularly with the Investor Committee who represent the investors in the Fund. If you would like to discuss your concerns the FM can arrange for a member of the committee to contact you.

The most recent meeting was held on 04 April 2014. (An update will be provided soon on the Balmain Trilogy website).

The next scheduled date for the committee meeting has not yet been confirmed.

You may contact the investor committee via the website at: http://www.balmaintrilogy.com.au/investor.aspx

If you have any further questions please contact the committee or the FM on 1800 194 500.

When is the fund being wound up?
When all litigation issues have been finalised the process for winding up the fund will then commence and the value of the funds will be reduced to zero.

Fire sales
The Fund has a strict ‘no fire sales’ policy in relation to the realisation of its assets. All saleable assets are placed on the open market and are thoroughly advertised via well funded public marketing campaigns (in, among others, internet and print media) and sold at fair market value, in line with timely valuations and market expectations.